Section 139 Disaster Relief

Section 139 Disaster Relief, Powered by Amazing Care Network

In these challenging times, employers are seeking ways to help their employees navigate through all the hardship and needs they are experiencing.

Sterling is here for you. As one of the top administrators of claims and reimbursement, we can aid you in managing your Section 139 Disaster Relief Program. This is a fully-deductible expense for employers, and it is tax-free to employees.

Employers should consult their tax advisors on state regulations.

Section 139 Can Help With:

  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance (e.g., co-pays, deductibles, over-the-counter medicines and cleaning supplies)
  • Additional travel/food expense for a returning student
  • Commuting expenses
  • Caregiver and domestic service expenses
  • Legal and accounting expenses
  • Expenses incurred for child care and tutoring services
  • Funeral expenses; and Health-related expenses (e.g., hand sanitizer, face masks, sanitizing
    cleaning products)
  • Tutoring and home-schooling related expense (e.g., Internet, computers to directly aid the education, online education applications)
  • Dependent care expenses due to school/place of care closings
  • Working from home expenses (e.g. home office set-up, internet, printer, cell phone costs)
  • Incremental utility costs due to working from home
  • Critical care or funeral expenses of an employee or their family due to COVID-19
  • Counseling

What We Do:

  • Our team offers live setup support. We work with you to get your account ready to go, establishing an account which the employer ACH funds money into. Your employees then have access to the money when they need it.
  • Clean administration and reimbursement of claims
  • Support and education to employees on what is a qualified Section 139 expense
  • Tracking and reporting for the employer to ensure the money is used as wished
  • Plan document to keep everything organized and clearly defined around the employer’s plan and what they will approve for reimbursement