Hi, I’m Dana, Sterling’s new HSA Manager. In this wonderful picture is my oldest son, me, my youngest son, and my daughter, Mariah. Mariah used to work for Sterling, and my mom, Lola (not pictured) currently works for Sterling as well! Not pictured is my other daughter, who lives in Kansas and is attending school to earn her teaching credentials.

About me: I am a busy working mom of four children, lucky to have a blended family which has given me two wonderful stepsons. So I know what a busy life is. I understand that the last thing you want to do is spend time on the phone or filling out long forms just to manage your HSA.

That’s why my vision as Sterlng’s HSA Manager is “Bringing Simple Back.” My goal is to help make things simple. Short phone calls (if necessary), shorter forms, etc. I have personally trained the awesome people in my department to be HSA experts. We follow the legislation, we know the frequently asked questions, and we know how HSAs work, inside and out.

We really look forward to working with you. Please call me anytime. My direct number is 510-506-3208.  I’d be happy to meet you in person. Let me know if you or a group needs help with an HSA, and I’ll plan a visit.