Watch Savings Grow with an HSA!

Use this handy calculator to add up how much money you can accumulate in an HSA over time. With contributions made by you and your employer, accrued interest, and the tax advantages offered by HSAs, you’ll soon have another nest egg for healthcare expenses now or in the future.

Using the menu options below, choose the dollar amounts, percentage rates and number of years you expect to see your savings grow. Begin by choosing Family Coverage or Individual Coverage. Calculate your potential annual tax savings and total savings you can accrue in your HSA.

Family Coverage Individual Coverage
Annual Contribution
Tax Savings at Selected Saving Rate $250.00 $62.50
Estimated Annual Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Year-end Balance
(Contribution Less Out-of-Pocket Expenses)
$0.00 $0.00
Income Tax Rate
Expected Rate of Return from Investments
Number of Years
Average Balance plus Tax Savings
(accrued over 3 years)

$750.00 $187.50