Sterling offers expert HSA services that most other health services administrators simply can’t offer. Our employees have years of experience in HSAs, and many of us at Sterling are HSA-Certified. We are proud to provide an unparalleled level of expertise.

Medical Bill Payment Plan Negotiation. If you are struggling paying a medical bill, contact us. Our team will help negotiate a payment plan with your carrier with the utmost in confidentiality and HIPAA requirements. We offer this free of charge to our HSA Accountholders, and we’ve been doing it since our inception in 2004. Contact us today.

Education, Education, Education

Need to get up and running on your HSA? We offer HSA educational webinars, for employers and accountholders alike, here.

Online Access 24/7

With Sterling, you can do everything online either through our online portal or our mobile app. Access your account, view and download statements, view and download tax forms, submit claims, view balances – everything.

Explanation of Benefit (EOB) Review & Bill Paying

Expert review of your EOB and payment of HSA qualified healthcare bills to your providers with your prior approval. We can also reimburse you directly.

Debit Cards

Sterling accountholders can request a debit MasterCard®️ for easy, secure and convenient access to funds in their HSA. Cards for dependents authorized to use the HSA funds are also available.

IRS Records

In the event that you are audited by the IRS, Sterling can reproduce records of account deposits and disbursements to verify that funds were used for IRS qualified medical expenses.